I bought this machine due to lack of space. I wanted something that could fit in a small space in my bathroom and avoid going to the laundry as I have 2 little ones. I was so skeptical before buying. I did my research and read all the reviews on ventless machine and was leaning towards LG because more popular but wanted the vent/ventless option. I was very skeptical with a company with not so much review but I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and chose this machine. Love it, space saver but washes a good amount. Washes great and clothes come out dry. Wanted a machine that I could vent outside but decided to just use it without venting and it works great. At first I did not like the smell of clothes when new but that went away after several washes and now clothes smell great. I never used to use cloth softener but now I use it as they recommended it and I just gave it a try and now I’m hooked. The clothes come out smelling great and love the fact that I just set once and the clothes come out dry. Love that I don’t have to deal with wet clothes putting them inside the dryer. Put clothes and forget. Clothes are dry and ready. Don’t have a problem with damp clothes. The clothes actually dries completely. I had a problem with mist coming from the soap dispenser portion when the machine was new but that went away. May be it was the positioning but I had the machine just near the sink and used it as a portable with the sink for months and then afterward moved it to a permanent location and it’s been working great. No problem. Love love this machine. It washes a good amount of clothes way more than described and does a great job. I usually don’t overload it but just a good amount and it handles my family of 3 (2 kiddos and myself) with no problem. The blankets, I take to the laundry but bed sheets washes with no problem. Great little machine. I’m a home owner and hate water bill but have not noticed any spike so I guess it’s not bad on water. Uses regular plug so I just plug mine and have barely noticed any change in my electric bill. Love this machine. Look small which is a perfect space saver but strong in performance. Usually don’t write reviews but this I have to say I’m very satisfied and just have to take the time.