Reviews from India

- Hussain Unwala

Great product, best decision ever. Been searching for a full dry solution in the market but could not find something at fits my budget and does the job well. This one did exactly what its supposed to, our clothes are washed well and drying hassle has reduced workload. Thanks Equator

- Shraddha Patel

Value for MONEY.

- Vincent Parker

A very unique machine. Happy with its performance. The clothes come out perfectly clean and dry. No need to monitor and change the clothes from one side to another like in other semi automatic machines. Just put your clothes in, select the cycle and the clothes are washed and dried in a single unit. You can remove them and fold them directly and put them in your wardrobe.

- Chetan Gajare

Perfect for family of 4-5. Unexpectedly 100% drying of clothes. Value for money.

- Arun Bade

Best product I have ever used, its very smooth, easy functions and 100% dry cycle like ready to use

- Mohasina Tamboli

All-In-One Combo Washer-Dryer Built-in/Freestanding, Easy to use, Compact size .It’s great to put the clothes in and be able to wash and dry them all at once. Featuring a blue LED display and easy-to-use wash programs, this machine is easy and effective to use. Very satisfied with the functions and the performance .

- Jayesh Bachani

Amazing unit that works the best for my small family. Washes and dries perfect

- Swati Jadhav

it works great.

- Moiz Turky

I am using the combo since 2 years its worth buying it, Washes and Dries the clothes in just quick selection of program. There are various programs as per condition of clothes. Sanitize & Allergen are the cycles in which clothes get cleaned and germ free. Plus its energy efficient. Very happy with the performance and i would love to recommend to family & friend to buy this machine.

- Nivrutti Nale

One of the best product, we get 100% dry clothes after dry cycle is completed


I came across the news that one of the renowned brand in USA has launched their washer dryer in India so me and wife did some research and ordered this from Amazon. I must say we got more than our expectations with great look, easy to acess touch control panel, some of the useful cycles like Sanitize and Saree.
Sensor Dry gives complete dry clothes. Saree cycle works really very well for my wife's sarees.
Overall great and very useful machine.

- Mrs Shagufta N

We purchased this machine recently and its working very well. It gives 100% dry clothes.I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and families.

- Vaibhav Rupnar

Getting Clean Cloths, no breakdown, less power consumes, almost ready to use dry cycle and user friendly.

- Mrs. Jyoti R

I liked this machine for its drying. After Wash + Dry cycles clothes were completely dry and I was able to fold and keep them directly in the cupboard. This is what I was looking for.I also appreciate timely delivery, installation within 24 hours, follow up calls from customer care team. This machine is definitely worth spending money !!!

Reviews from USA

- Mrs Shagufta N

We purchased this machine recently and its working very well. It gives 100% dry clothes.I will definitely recommend this to all my friends and families.

- MontanaHi

Looks better than we were expecting: It just arrived. The package was very very good… no dents in the package. Was easy to load into my 5th wheel. Seems to be very well engineered and manufactured. You should let the refrigerator set for a day to let the system recover from shipping. Will add to this as I progress on the install … which should be just push in plug in … done

- DBG53

Where has this product been hiding??:”The Pan Stand was a welcome addition to my laundry room. It raised my washer & dryer to a height that is easier to use. I recently had a problem with a leak in one of the connectors in the washing machine. I was very pleased with how the pan stand contained the water and pumped it safely down the drain. It is surprising to realize that nothing like this was available before now. Thank you to whoever came up with this idea, it is definitely a floor saver!! Pros: Durable, Sturdy, Looks Great, Easy to Install, Nice Design”

- Barttmann

Nice produst but I wish it displayed the actual temperature also.

- Mdf

Great price for small freezer and looks great in my small kitchen . Have had for a month so cannot attest to reliability but works great now.

- Nekodan

Compact exterior but good layout and shelving for flexible packing. Medium setting keeps things very cold.

- Richard McGee

it has been very good. I hope it lasts several years

- Weazy27

works well

- Emmanuel Atanga

Great purchase. Works perfectly and saves energy!!!

- Charliefrom Seminole

I love this product. Very attractive, perfect size.

- Fanjet

Much needed item!: I bought this drip pan to go under my stacked washer and dryer that fits in this cabinet. It was a necessary item and with the size and slide in this was perfect! Just the right size and with the flip down side makes it easy to slide item in and out when necessary.

- Hanne P.

good frig for small space. It should be bolted to the floor since it is unstable

- Sonya O.

Hanne P

- Sarahshoppin

Best price found on this microwave: Do not hesitate to buy this microwave/convection oven. I found this at *** for $*** then decided to look on overstock to compare ….same maker but almost $*** more at *** and it came right to my door and no sales tax….It is great looking and works great….I had to have the stainless steal face plate cut down on the bottom to fit the space but was a $5 cost taking it to a local sheet metal guy to cut it down……GREAT ITEM AT A GREAT PRICE

- Retired

really good for extra room for drimks and such

- Kdb

A strong unit for outdoor use!: Love my freezer!

- Vparker

Excelent product: Easy set up, I have had it for 2 weeks and it is working quite well.

- keggysam

Inexpensive Kegerator: I bought this kegerator a month ago and was concerned that it might not be “top quality”, but it has surprised me with its efficiency and use. The tapper and other parts work well together and the thermostat seems to keep the beer consistently cool. I will try to build a tower cooler that will hopefully keep the beer less foamy but overall I am very happy with it. It comes with a 5lb CO2 tank and everything else you need except the keg.

- Wuhoo

Great addition to our OSU Game Room: We bought this for our home Oregon State University Beaver Game Room. Was very popular with everyone. Beer was cold and perfect for any event.

- Amy

Great price! and fast delivery!

- Madeline

very happy with this dryer. perfect for small spaces.Helpful1

- laundry

Machine runs great perfect for a small space, the only thing is I wish I had it sooner.

- Tony

Great Ice maker, easy to install. fast shipping and great packing not damage.

- Turner5

We are very happy with our new frost free freezer. It is very spacious. Delivered early. No difficulties in-crating. No shipping damage.

- Daniel Sobers

Equator is quiet a decent brand, but compact size is the reason i purchased the supercombo and i am quiet impress. I will use and update the review.

- Paul Dummond

Really good machine overall, It does a full size load of clothes with no problem and they come out super clean, This washes just like any other washer, actually better then the last one in our house.

- Jean W

Love the combo washer/dryer. For those who live in condos where you can’t vent a dryer outside, this is the answer. It’s great to put the clothes in and be able to wash and dry them all at once. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and enjoy the convenience of it.

- Robert J Morrison

The combination of washer and dryer with such size is just amazing. It does a great job. it is extremely quiet and dry the clothes very well. It has a decent number of wash/dry options. Delay option and the drying is pretty decent.

- David F

I am happy and satisfied with my purchase, I like the controls and functions, able to wash a lot of laundry.

- Dean N

A good purchase, so far its working good, no issues.

- Rene D- Sears

I am very happy with the unit

- John L. Costco

Using the machine is very convenient, it is compact and efficient, I am extremely satisfied and would recommend it to everyone.

- Chris M-Costco

I started using a couple of days ago, added feature is the condensing unit, I like the size a lot,the depth of the unit is great as i am able to wash a lot of laundry.

- – Steven D-Bestbuy

content with my decision to purchase this , satisfied with its size and performance, you have a good service as well , I like the way you follow u after making the sale as well.

- Sandy U

it cleans laundry amazingly, very satisfied with the functions and the performance.

- Charles D

Happy with the product.

- Paul D

No complaints so far, very happy with the unit.

- Raymond M

It functions good, overall satisfied.

- Ronda T

great options available on the controls, like the performance more likely the size , I would love to recommend it to my family and friends.

- Mike997

Easy set up. Seems to be working well. Disappointed that the door read out is not constant.

- Mike997

Easy set up. Seems to be working well. Disappointed that the door read out is not constant.

- Honest

I bought this machine due to lack of space. I wanted something that could fit in a small space in my bathroom and avoid going to the laundry as I have 2 little ones. I was so skeptical before buying. I did my research and read all the reviews on ventless machine and was leaning towards LG because more popular but wanted the vent/ventless option. I was very skeptical with a company with not so much review but I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and chose this machine. Love it, space saver but washes a good amount. Washes great and clothes come out dry. Wanted a machine that I could vent outside but decided to just use it without venting and it works great. At first I did not like the smell of clothes when new but that went away after several washes and now clothes smell great. I never used to use cloth softener but now I use it as they recommended it and I just gave it a try and now I’m hooked. The clothes come out smelling great and love the fact that I just set once and the clothes come out dry. Love that I don’t have to deal with wet clothes putting them inside the dryer. Put clothes and forget. Clothes are dry and ready. Don’t have a problem with damp clothes. The clothes actually dries completely. I had a problem with mist coming from the soap dispenser portion when the machine was new but that went away. May be it was the positioning but I had the machine just near the sink and used it as a portable with the sink for months and then afterward moved it to a permanent location and it’s been working great. No problem. Love love this machine. It washes a good amount of clothes way more than described and does a great job. I usually don’t overload it but just a good amount and it handles my family of 3 (2 kiddos and myself) with no problem. The blankets, I take to the laundry but bed sheets washes with no problem. Great little machine. I’m a home owner and hate water bill but have not noticed any spike so I guess it’s not bad on water. Uses regular plug so I just plug mine and have barely noticed any change in my electric bill. Love this machine. Look small which is a perfect space saver but strong in performance. Usually don’t write reviews but this I have to say I’m very satisfied and just have to take the time.

- Joyce Michelfelder

We received the washer yesterday as I emailed you. Our nephew came over last night and they brought it inside the Motorhome and hooked it up for me. I washed a few loads today and what a difference from the old model. I just love this new model. It is quiet, spins so much water out of the clothes that they are almost dry. And fits perfectly in my tiny little spot in the Motorhome. This washer is so very much better than the last model. The door closes tight. The last Washer was tricky to close the door as soon as I got it years ago. Again I want to thank you for being the best customer service person/lady I have dealt with for years. You were always helpful and I never had to wait long for an answer. You should be commended. I wish you well and please be safe with this virus going around. We decided to stay in Florida until this all passes over. Thank you so so very much for all your help. Joyce Michelfelder

- Kathie

I have been wanting to email you for months to tell you how thrilled I am with the combo washer dryer I bought, with your guidance and assistance. I really am thrilled with it. it works like a charm, and has some nice additional features that my old one didn’t have—like the whole wash-dry setting. So I want to thank you again, plus I would like to hear how you are doing in these perilous times. I hope you are keeping safe. Warm regards Kathie mm

- Grannycando

I read the reviews and frankly was afraid to order it. Customer service called me to let me know the color I ordered was out so would I like another color? very nice and followed up with an email too. I installed it as directed on March 22 and have nothing but excellent results since. Very happy with it.

- Aelita

This washer/dryer combo unit is great! We are downsizing to a tiny house and this unit is the perfect fit! We can fit our clothes and our bed sheets into the unit with no problems. The only thing that we cannot fit into the unit is our very large king size fluffy and fuzzy winter blanket. So if you have a lot of large, thick clothes or bedding then this unit may not be for you. It washes and drys all of our clothes, sheets and towels just fine. This is honestly the nicest unit I have ever owned, and I have owned many new washer and dryer units. I highly recommend this unit to save space if you are downsizing. Just remember to elevate the drain hose or else your washer won’t fill with water. The drain hose needs to be between 24″ and 40″ off of the floor for the washer to work properly.

- Kindle Customer

Arrived on time, delivered by two friendly guys. Hooked up easy and works like expected. Money well spent

- Mark

This piece worked perfectly to stack the washer and dryer in our rental unit.