Top Super Combo Features

Washer + Dryer

Gone are the days of hanging your clothes out to dry after a machine wash and spin cycle. After a full wash and rinse cycle, the Super Combo seamlessly begins drying your clothes and stops only when they are fully dried.

Vented + Ventless Drying

With convertible Vented and Ventless Drying feature (patent pending), the Super Combo breaks the barriers that lock your combo into a specific space in your home or apartment, by the press of a button.

Sanitize Cycle

This feature helps is most helpful during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Water is heated to 74℃ to sanitize clothes which helps you and your family to stay safe.



Equator Won Award for Best Household Electrics and Best Overall Winner out of 500 products, 65 finalists and 13 categories

The IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia) were created with the objective of fostering innovation and excellence in housewares retailing throughout the world. The competition is structured on a two-tier level, national and global. Co-sponsoring the country-specific gia awards programs with IHA are over 25 housewares trade publications worldwide, which sponsor national gia programs in their respective countries.