Equator USA 9kg Fully Automatic Front Load All-in-One Combo Washer Dryer – White

Equator USA 9kg Fully Automatic Front Load All-in-One Combo Washer Dryer – White


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    Advanced Features

    Machine weighs clothes using sensors to select the right amount of water and heat for each load, so there no wastage of water or electricity

    Program washer to start upto 24 hours in advance for convenience and take advantage of electricity cut offs, cheaper electricity at certain times etc.

    With the help of the Reload option the washing machine door can be opened during mid cycle allowing you to add any left over laundry or remove anything added by mistake.

    Restarts the machine cycle from the time it was stopped due to power failure interruption


    There is a default chime at the completion of the wash programs. We have the option to on/off the chime as per our requirement by holding Delay Touch for 3 seconds.

    To make your lifestyle easier, convenient and safe

    Clothes are washed and dried at low RPM with noise level less than 60 dB. Perfect for family working in different shifts, babies and older generation

    Health & Wellness

    Special cycles to eliminate dust mites and bedbugs that can cause breathing allergies, contamination within the home and also be a health hazard.

    Water is heated to 74° C to sanitize clothes. Perfect for people working in contaminated environment to protect the family eg. Hospitals

    Water is heated to a high temperature to clean the inner drum and tub of the machine to disinfect the drum and reduce hard water calcium buildup.

    Anti-microbial treatment technology is used in the drum baffles to avoid growth of bacteria in order to keep your clothes safe. Stainless steel drum for durability

    Better Drying

    It is the only combo in the world which offers an optional Vented (using hot air) or Condensing dry (using cold water) that can be changed according to the season at the touch of a button by user.
    (Vented is 30% Faster drying due to better air flow, compared to ventless option)

    High spin speed of 1400 RPM extracts more water, reducing dry time.

    Sensor Dry, Time Dry for 60 minutes and Refresh Dry for 12 minutes, with 4 options to select level of dryness

    User Safety

    Lock the control buttons of machine so that the cycle you have chosen cannot be changed by a child during play

    We do not allow any chrome to be used in our Machine, because this has been found to cause birth defects in babies. The state of California (which directs the most ecofriendly laws in USA) has enacted a law to this effect called Prop 65. As a US company we comply with this law.

    Wifi-enabled appliances gives hackers a pathway to access other connected devices in your home. We have intentionally not installed Wifi in order to prevent wrongful use of information and to protect the data integrity of your home.

    Product Safety

    Protects the unit from power cuts or power fluctuations

    Rat protection panel at the bottom to protect the machine wiring from rodents


    The combo has been built with advanced electronics so it can be operated with an inverter charged with AC, Solar or Wind Power

    Additional Pump available as accessory for emergency water supply during water shortages


    Identifies faults by showing 13 error codes, making it faster for repair and less down-time.

    Comprehensive 2 years warranty for all components and 5 years for
    motor included


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    More Life. Safe Life. The Super Combo EZ 5000 CV is the latest edition in Equator’s lineup and features new Sanitize, Allergen, Quiet and SAREE programs. The 5500 features a color-coded, intuitive control panel with a fully automated simple 2-Step operation. With a capacity of 18 lbs the Super Combo can wash and dry completely automatically in a single unit. It uses sensors to measure the correct water for a wash load and will heat dry for the optimum time without any waste of energy. It is the only combo in the world which offers an optional vented or condensing dry that can be changed according to the season at the touch of a button (patent pending). Discover the convenience of completely automatic laundry in your home.

    1. 9 Pre-loaded wash programs
    2. Touch Buttons
    4. Sanitize and Allergy / Bedbug
    12. BLDC Motor
    14. SELF CLEAN
    15. Start / Pause Function
    16. ADD-A-SOCK
    17. Easy to open coin trap
    18. 4 Adjustable Leveling legs
    19. Electronic Control Panel with LED Lights
    20. Energy Saving – Auto Display Off after 5 min
    21. QR Code
    22. Angled 45 Degree Door Handle (Reduces Bending)
    23. 180° Door Swing
    24. Water Saver
    25. Saree Cycle
    27. Anti-Bacterial Drum Baffles
    Type : Combo
    Capacity : 9 kg
    Door Diameter / Swing : 18″ / 180 degree
    Programs : 15
    Adjustable leveling legs : 4
    Additive Dispenser : Automatic
    Stainless Steel Drum : Yes
    Dryer Ventilation (Convertible) : Venting/ Condensing
    Wash or Dry Option only : Yes
    Pre-Wash Function : Yes
    Half-Heat Option : Yes
    Automatic Door Lock in Wash : Yes
    Door Lock Open in Dry Mode : Yes
    Easy Access Coin Trap : Yes
    Speed : 1400 rpm
    Electrical : 220 V 50 Hz
    Height in cm (Net) : 85
    Width in cm (Net) : 60
    Depth in cm (Net) : 63.5
    Weight in kg (Net) : 87
    Drum Baffles : Curved
    Packaging : Plastic tabs under top panel
    Exhaust Fan 0.5 A
    Fan Motor 36 Watt


    Click here for EZ5000CV Owner’s Manual.

    Click here for EZ5000CV Specification Sheet.


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